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All students are supervised and evaluated by an instructor while working a field.

The image above is not too bad, but shows room for improvement.  It was made by one of our students who had advanced past the big, easy, square fields with no obstructions, to multiple fields with sensitive areas and other obstacles.

By the end of your training, you will have experienced many challenging spray situations, in a learning environment, that will better prepare you for the real world of aerial application.

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Flying & GPS

Mixing & Loading

You will receive one-on-one instruction and individual flight training throughout the program by an experienced Ag Pilot.

  • 15 hours dual in Luscombe with light bar
  • 25 hours supervised solo in Pawnee
  • Knowledge and Skill Guarantee
  • 1 Year membership to theNAAA($200. value)
  • 6 Month subscription to AgAirUpdate

In the flight instruction hours above, you will reach commercial proficiency in a tailwheel airplane, learn to plan for efficient loads, mix chemicals, calibrate the airplane, locate fields with and without GPS, choose the most efficient spray pattern for different fields, and most importantly, spray the field in a safe, professional manner.


You won't be spraying the same field over and over.  We farm over 2000 acres and have agreements with farmers in the local area.  You will have ferry trips up to 20 miles, with multiple fields to spray, using multiple loads.  You will be expected to make those loads fit the fields.  

Ag-Pilot Program