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​We try to make your stay at Ag Aviation School as pleasant as  possible while flight training.  Whether you need to take a break and hang out with other pilots, or just need a quiet place to study, you can find it here.  Below is a short list of what you can expect at Ag Aviation School, Kingsley Field in Miller, MO. (MO9 on the charts).

  • Free private room in our pilot dorm
  • Free internet
  • Free Washer and dryer
  • Refrigerator/Freezer, Microwave
  • Restaurant on the field
  • Convenience store within 5 miles
  • Grocery store within 15 miles
  • Super WalMart within 25 miles
  • 2500' sod runway
  • Crazy people jumping from airplanes!
  • Locals flying weird and cool flying machines!

Student Accomodations